Pest Control Services in Van Buren, AR

Van Buren, AR, pest control services can keep your house free of bugs and rodents. If you are ready to rid your property of these uninvited visitors, it's time to hire Five Star Pest Control.

Products you can buy at the store are not usually strong enough to be effective in ridding pets from your home, and the ones that are might not be safe for your family. Our team carries products that are known for working well without putting people or pets in danger.

We are a locally owned and operated company that can show up once and spray for bugs, or we can set up a service plan with you to ensure the tiny critters are all gone. Either way, we can keep you from having to find pests in your home. We always keep in mind that some bugs and rodents alike are not simply bothersome, but also dangerous. For this reason, we provide assistance on weekends and weekdays.

Whether you are tired of seeing ants in your house or are worried you have termites in your home, it's a good idea to take advantage of Van Buren, AR, pest control services. At Five Star Pest Control, our team members are courteous and punctual, as well as licensed, insured, and bonded. Give us a call today.